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Michigan’s Architect Laureate, Alden B. Dow, designed over 600 structures and the entire City of Lake Jackson, Texas throughout his fifty-year career.  In his home town of Midland, Michigan there are over 130 structures that represent this lifetime of work.

Join us for our 2017 Autumn Reflections Tours as we feature the first and last homes he created in Midland and the home that earned him the Gold Medal Prize for the Best Residential Design in the World at the 1937 Paris Exposition.

The Earl Stein Residence 1933
The John Whitman Residence 1934
The Peter Carras Residence 1961 (Dow Test House)

Touring Options

A. Ultimate Home and Studio Tour
Be ready to be delighted with this in-depth, two hour tour of the Alden B.Dow Home and Studio including all the extras: the roof, the tunnel, the terraces, and more.
Adults $30, Students $25.

B. Ultimate Travel Tour
Explore Mr. Dow’s signature detailing in the Stein and Carras residences, his first and last residences in Midland.  In addition, enjoy the beauty and complexity of the Whitman Residence that won the 1937 Paris Exposition Gold Medal.
Adults $30, Students $25.

C. Combination Tour
Experience a full day of fabulous architecture and fun by registering for a “Combination Tour” – An Ultimate Home and Studio Tour and  An Ultimate Travel Tour.  This option allows for a two hour lunch break.
Adults $55, Students $45.

Tour Schedule
Tour A: 10am or 2pm
Tour B: 10am, 1pm or 3:30pm
Tour C: am AND pm
(register for both parts of this tour)SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8
Tour A: 11am or 2:30pm
Tour B: 11am or 2:30pm
Tour C: am AND pm
(register for both parts of this tour)
Tour Details
All tours begin at the Alden B. Dow
Home and Studio with transportation provided in the
to Ultimate Travel Tour Homes.
Interior photographs are not
permitted in any of the
structures.  For  the enjoyment of
all our guests, we ask that children
be eight years or older.RESERVATIONS 989.839.2744
TOLL FREE 866.315.7678
Click Here to go to Autumn Reflections Tours on www.abdow.org
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