Home and Studio

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Imaginatively woven into the natural environment and surrounding pond, the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio elicits you to question, peek around corners and travel on unknown paths. It draws you into rooms of diverging angles, soaring roof lines, brilliant color, abundant natural light, and geometric patterns. The integration of building and site truly exemplify Mr. Dow’s definition of organic architecture as the idea that “…gardens never end and buildings never begin.”

Designed and built in a small, conservative, Midwestern town amidst the Great Depression, the Home and Studio challenges your idea of the built environment. The Home and Studio reflects Alden B. Dow’s desire to redefine buildings, merging form and function for the ultimate experience.  Experience, enjoy and discover an innovative definition of mid-20th Century modern architecture.


Mid-Century Modern Design pattern reflect Mr. Dow’s playful spirit.


National Historic Landmark Status was achieved in 1989.


A picturesque view of the upper and lower porch from The Dow Gardens.


Winter beauty offers another element to Mr. Dow’s organic architectural style.



In 1933 Mr. Dow returned from his fellowship at Taliesin after studying with

Frank Lloyd Wright bringing with him the completed footprint to his

Mid-Century Modern designed home and architectural studio.