1938-Petoskey, MI

A. W. Hodgkiss and H. W. Douma were business partners in an engineering and construction firm in Petoskey, Michigan.  They lived close to one another in homes designed by Alden B. Dow that overlook Little Traverse Bay.

The Hodgkiss Residence was built in 1939 and sits on the crest of a hill.  It’s a three bedroom single story flat-roofed home of unit block construction.  Emphasizing the ground-hugging character of many of Mr. Dow’s residential designs, the overall length of the house is more than 100 feet long, including the garage and terrace.  The living room is closest to the street and features five large continuous picture windows projecting out from the wall below, enhancing the owners’ enjoyment of the bay view.  Total cost of the house less the architect’s fee was $12,169; the cost was held down by the owner providing labor and materials for masonry and carpentry.



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