Every project has similar elements such as, client correspondence, costs, specifications, etc., that need to be discussed, processed and communicated. These elements are organized and categorized chronologically into “job files” or “text documents” and provide necessary information for the building and ordering process for each structure built.

Information not indicated on the drawings, for instance, the color of tile selected, the style of hardware, original furniture designed for the structure, invoices from vendors, etc.; all work together to create a complete picture or concept for construction. Depending on the scale, scope and/or length of the project, each structure may have multiple files or boxes of information to review.

(For photography credits, see the photographer page.)

keeler_house_program_outline carra_patio_alteration_drawing pardee_bedroom_sketch rough_sketch_of_penhaligen letter_from_mr._stein letter_from_elsa_pardee landscape_invoice_mary_dow_house keller_collage

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