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Like the leading architect and designers of his time, Alden Dow dared to develop new technologies, integrate new and innovative products and seamlessly wove man-made ingenuity and nature together. Most importantly, he thought for himself to create structures that reflected the people who used them and by doing so, developed a creative, harmonious and inspired way of living. 1960s-AB-Dow-with-blocks

In 1972, Alden B. Dow stated, “The importance of a good, new idea lies mainly in its ability to accept improvements.”  He believed when you have a new idea, you pour all your energy into it.  As his father, Herbert Dow stated, “Ideas are a matter of attitude, if you took the position in looking at anything as if it were just the thing you needed, ideas would follow.” (Ways of Expressing Oneself II- unknown date)

Alden Dow developed products and innovative design elements, many of which were patented.  Some of these innovative ideas related to his architectural career while others related to the social and playful aspects of life.  Part of his process in developing a new idea or product was to test and challenge it from all vantage points.  Not afraid of failing, Alden Dow was free to think and develop new ideas to make them the best they could be.

Below is a list of just a few of the innovative products and ideas that you are able to research in the Alden B. Dow Archives:

  • Boat Steering Mechanism
  • Dispensing Container
  • Plastic Windows
  • Railway Crossing Signal
  • Stud for Combining Building Sandwiches
  • Sandwich Panel Construction
  • 1940’s Solar Construction