The Chemist & The Architect

Discover a brine well, explore an architectural gem, perform a simple science experiment, and become an architect…two programs in one!

“The Chemist and The Architect” is a collaborative program developed between the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio, the Midland County Historical Society and Midland Public Schools. This program meets the specific objectives of the state of Michigan’s Grade Level Content Expectations for Social Studies (3 – E1.03 and 3 – E1.04). Over 1,200 students come each year to the Home and Studio and the Midland County Historical Society to learn about Alden B. Dow, the architect and Herbert H. Dow, the chemist.

The program emphasizes these three basic objectives: an individual’s economic impact on an area, primary resources and the definition of an entrepreneur. This program develops analytical skills from observation, problem solving and analysis, to dialoguing, vocabulary building, and developing creative thinking that takes them beyond the classroom.

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