Midland Fire Station No. 1 by Alden B. Dow

Midland Fire Station No. 1 is one of the 39 civic structures designed by Alden B. Dow during his career. He completed the working drawings on April 23, 1955, and in June the construction contract was awarded to the Charles Engelhardt Construction Company of Bay City. The final cost of the station was $140,216. The […]

Midland Hospital by Alden B. Dow

Alden B. Dow’s initial presentation drawing for a proposed Midland Hospital was dated August 1938, a full two years before the Midland Hospital Association was established.  The Association organized the fund raising campaign to build the city’s first hospital in 1940, eventually securing pledges of $275,000 from 5,200 community members.  A Federal Works Administration grant […]

Dow Chemical Company 2020 Building by Alden B. Dow

A recent Facebook post about the University of Michigan Administration Building and its demolition prompted an interesting observation about how “un-Dow-like” the design of the building appeared.  While the exterior displayed a composed order of squares and rectangles, it was not the first time Alden B. Dow composed the surface of a non-residential structure. Nine […]

Nelson Street School/Parkdale Elementary School by Alden B. Dow

While the initial site plan for Midland High School was being sketched by Alden B. Dow in December of 1953, one corner of the same 60-acre plot of land was soon to become the location of Nelson Street Elementary School.  For the design, the Board of Education again selected Mr. Dow, who completed the drawings […]

Northeast Elementary/Plymouth Elementary School by Alden B. Dow

Alden B. Dow began the drawings for Northeast Elementary School in December of 1951.  It had a simple floorplan of five classrooms, an office, and a work room lined up on either side of a single corridor.  It featured a monitor roof with glass block windows rising 5 feet above the roofline.  For the exterior, […]

Woodcrest Elementary School by Alden B. Dow

The drawings for Woodcrest Elementary School, one of Alden B. Dow’s last educational projects, were completed in January of 1969.  Construction bids were due in early May of that year, and the Board of Education of Midland Public Schools approved the bids and contractors shortly thereafter on May 12.  Collinson Construction Company of Midland was […]

Seventh-Day Adventist Church by Alden B. Dow

Pastor D.E. Howe first contacted Alden B. Dow about the possibility of designing a new building for the growing congregation of the Midland Seventh-Day Adventist Church in early 1961.  Following a period of fund raising, sketches of the exterior and interior views of the new building were prepared in September of 1963.  The working drawings […]

Salvation Army Citadel by Alden B. Dow

Alden and Vada Dow were long-time supporters of the work of the Salvation Army in Midland.  Mrs. Dow served on its advisory board during the 1950’s and 60’s, and Mr. Dow donated bushels of apples from the Dow orchards every year to the annual Fall Harvest Festival to raise money for its missionary work.  When […]

Midland High School by Alden B. Dow

The initial site plan for Midland High School was sketched by Alden B. Dow in December of 1953.  Preliminary floorplans were developed in April 1954, with working drawings finalized in November of that year.  Barton-Malow Company from Detroit was selected as general contractor for the project, and construction contracts were signed in January 1955.  The […]

East Ashman Street Church of God by Alden B. Dow

Alden B. Dow began the initial drawings for the East Ashman Church of God in April of 1953.  A reduced version of the presentation drawing was published a month later in the Midland Daily News with the caption announcing the launch of a fundraising campaign for the new church.  “It will approximate 45 by 165 […]

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