Muskegon Community College by Alden B. Dow

When developing the site plan for Muskegon Community College in 1963, Alden B. Dow marked off a 122-acre section of wooded and hilly creek land and designed the campus around and on top of a stream that meanders through its entire length.

Out of the Archives: Alden B. Dow’s Lanterns, Towers & Spires

On display are drawings and photographs of the unusual beehive light and sound tower of the Roscommon Congregational Church, the Art Deco lamp posts of the original Midland Country Club, the Jenga-like tower of Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and more.

The Henry McMorran Memorial Auditorium and Sports Arena by Alden B. Dow

Located in the hub of Port Huron’s downtown, the Henry McMorran Memorial Auditorium was designed by Alden B. Dow in 1956, followed by the Sports Arena in 1957.  The Theatre has 1157 seats and features a stage curtain designed by Mr. Dow and similar to the one found in the Game Room of the Home […]

Gloria Jacobus Olson

It is with sadness that we share that our great friend Gloria Jacobus Olson passed away on Sunday, February 16th. As a new graduate of the University of Michigan College of Architecture and Design in 1944, Gloria had interest in the work of Alden B. Dow.  She learned about Mr. Dow from a college professor […]

Tunnel Tours at the Alden B. Dow Home & Studio

Have you ever wanted to explore and discover a hidden underground passageway? “The Tunnel” is just one of the many captivating and enchanting surprises of the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio. This private area is rarely opened for viewing, but for the months of February, March, and April; Saturday tours will include a trip […]

Rare Finds from the Archives: Decoration of the Palace Buildings of Peking

In addition to housing the drawings, project files, photographs and other materials that document the architecture of Alden B. Dow, the Archives also contain a number of rare art and architecture books and print collections that were acquired by Mr. Dow over the years.  One of the most unusual and beautiful publications is entitled Decoration […]

Out of the Archives: Original Sketches and Small Drawings by Alden B. Dow

Now through the end of February, visitors to the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio will have the opportunity to view an extensive selection of rarely-seen original sketches and small drawings on display in the Second Drafting Room.  From a very early age, Alden B. Dow was always drawing, his sister Dorothy Dow Arbury recalled.  […]

Lake Jackson, Texas

Few architects have the opportunity to design a whole community, but Alden B. Dow had just such a unique opportunity in 1941 in Lake Jackson, Texas. Dow Chemical was expanding its plant in Freeport and the new town was to be built nearby for its employees. In the space of five years, he laid out […]

The A. C. Barclay Residence by Alden B. Dow

Alden B. Dow designed this modest, one-story home in 1937 for the Reverend and Mrs. A. C. Barclay, the grandparents of his wife, Vada Bennett Dow.  There are no specifications and no signed contract in the job files, but an itemized account statement shows that the total cost of building the house came to $11,934.22. […]

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