Out of the Archives: Alden B. Dow’s Lanterns, Towers & Spires

Now through the end of March, visitors to the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio will have the opportunity to view an extensive selection of original drawings and photographs of Alden B. Dow’s lanterns, towers, and spires on display in the Second Drafting Room.

Throughout his career, Mr. Dow designed a number of unique architectural elements that stand out from the structures of which they are a part.  His petal lanterns are among the most familiar of these, but many others are truly one-of-a-kind creations for churches, colleges, and homes.

On display are drawings and photographs of the unusual beehive light and sound tower of the Roscommon Congregational Church, the Art Deco lamp posts of the original Midland Country Club, the Jenga-like tower of Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and more.

The exhibit may be viewed at no charge from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday through the end of March.

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