The Henry McMorran Memorial Auditorium and Sports Arena by Alden B. Dow

Located in the hub of Port Huron’s downtown, the Henry McMorran Memorial Auditorium was designed by Alden B. Dow in 1956, followed by the Sports Arena in 1957.  The Theatre has 1157 seats and features a stage curtain designed by Mr. Dow and similar to the one found in the Game Room of the Home and Studio.

The Sports Arena seats 3400 people for ice hockey and indoor football, and 4800 for concerts.

Outside the building is the spectacular 22-foot diameter sunburst clock and the Night and Day fountain, both by sculptor and friend of Mr. and Mrs. Dow, Marshall Fredericks.

The formal dedication of the building took place on January 10, 1960, followed by a full week of special events including an evening with the comedian and pianist Victor Borge, a presentation by the nationally syndicated columnist Paul Harvey, a concert by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and two shows by Count Basie and his orchestra.

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