Dr. Mark W. Dick Residence by Alden B. Dow

Dr. Mark Dick and his wife, Dr. Louise Schnute, were pediatricians practicing in Grand Rapids when they wrote to Alden B. Dow in March 1955 to ask if he would design a home for them.  Dr. Schnute had first heard of the architect earlier when she was a resident at the University of Michigan Hospital […]

Indian River Catholic Church by Alden B. Dow

Nestled among tall pines and set into a sloping lot overlooking Burt Lake in northern Michigan, Indian River Catholic Church was designed by Alden B. Dow in 1948.  Very little documentation exists aside from specifications for a church and rectory building—no contract, no building contractor, no cost information, and scant correspondence.  Not readily recognizable as […]

Woodcrest Elementary School by Alden B. Dow

The drawings for Woodcrest Elementary School, one of Alden B. Dow’s last educational projects, were completed in January of 1969.  Construction bids were due in early May of that year, and the Board of Education of Midland Public Schools approved the bids and contractors shortly thereafter on May 12.  Collinson Construction Company of Midland was […]

Seventh-Day Adventist Church by Alden B. Dow

Pastor D.E. Howe first contacted Alden B. Dow about the possibility of designing a new building for the growing congregation of the Midland Seventh-Day Adventist Church in early 1961.  Following a period of fund raising, sketches of the exterior and interior views of the new building were prepared in September of 1963.  The working drawings […]

Midland High School by Alden B. Dow

The initial site plan for Midland High School was sketched by Alden B. Dow in December of 1953.  Preliminary floorplans were developed in April 1954, with working drawings finalized in November of that year.  Barton-Malow Company from Detroit was selected as general contractor for the project, and construction contracts were signed in January 1955.  The […]

East Ashman Street Church of God by Alden B. Dow

Alden B. Dow began the initial drawings for the East Ashman Church of God in April of 1953.  A reduced version of the presentation drawing was published a month later in the Midland Daily News with the caption announcing the launch of a fundraising campaign for the new church.  “It will approximate 45 by 165 […]

The Dr. John J. Grebe Residence by Alden B. Dow

Dr. John Grebe was a pioneer scientist and “idea man” who worked for the Dow Chemical Company for 41 years.  Upon graduating from Case School of Applied Science in Cleveland with a degree in Physics in 1924, he caught the eye of Herbert Henry Dow, who was at Case to receive an honorary doctorate.  Always […]

The Robert Reinke Residence by Alden B. Dow

Work on the plans for the Robert Reinke residence began in early 1941.  By April, Alden B. Dow was able to present the client with a rendering of the elevation and the floor plan.  Construction began that fall.  In 1947, Mr. Dow designed an addition to the house that included a master bedroom and bath, […]

The John Best Residence by Alden B. Dow

Also known as the House for $3,000, the John Best residence was designed by Alden B. Dow in 1938 to remedy the need for housing to accommodate the expanding workforce of the Dow Chemical Company.  It was one of several affordable small homes he designed for Midland in the 1930’s and 40’s, including the F.W. […]

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